Maximus Arcade is a commercial computer-based software that allows for seamless interaction with multiple arcade and console emulators while keeping the Windows environment hidden. Although best suited for use in arcade cabinets, it can be configured for use in a kiosk or simply running on a computer with a keyboard, trackball, or game pad. Maximus is the only frontend that you have to pay for, but its features make it well worth considering.

Easy Maximus Arcade  setup for X-Arcade on MAME:

  1. Download Maximus Arcade (30 day trial), set Destination Folder to "C:\" (without the quotes).
  2. You can add ROMs to the directory "C:\MAX 2.10\MAME\roms\". When you add ROMs, you will need to open Maximus Arcade, right-click anywhere on the screen and choose "Refresh Game List". Alternatively open Preferences (Use the keyboard's RIGHT-SIDE CONTROL KEY (NOT LEFT) CONTROL+P while in the front end, or the Preferences link found at C:\MAX 2.10\Frontend) and choose the Configuration tab. Next to "Configuration for" choose the emulator you want to look for new ROMs in (example MAME) from the drop-down list. Next click on the "Scan" tab at the bottom, and put a check next to "Force rescan of media folder". Close preferences, your screen may be blank for a few minutes while it is updating. If your ROMs don't appear or don't work see our ROMS page
  3. To start Maximus or change Preferences, go to "C:\MAX 2.10\Frontend\". You will want to create shortcuts to these 2 files on your Desktop for example for easy access to them. NOTE: Upon first launch you will get a black screen while Maximus does its initial scan of your games.

Maximus Arcade Documentation and Help

Maximus Arcade Forum (closed, but searchable)
Arcade Controls Forum: Maximus Support
Maximus Arcade FAQs

Maximus Arcade GUI Button Layout:
Maximus X-Arcade Layout

Scroll Up
Joy Up
Scroll Down
Joy Down
Scroll Left
Joy Left
Scroll Right
Joy Right
Page Up
Joy Left
Page Down
Joy Right
Page Up Letter
Button 2
Page Down Letter
Button 5
Button 1
Previous Menu
Button 4
Button 3
Add Favorite
Button 6
Exit Game (return to Maximus)
Start 1 + Left Pinball - (if it does not go back to the list of game, spin Joy1 and try again.)
Exit Maximus Arcade
Start 2 + Right Pinball


More help: 
Arcade Controls Forum: Maximus Arcade

Here's a great video showing how to get it setup manually.