The X-Arcade works just like a keyboard, it doesn't do anything mystical that a keyboard doesn't on a PC. Anything that happens while using our controller would also happen if you hit the same corresponding keys on your keyboard. It does nothing more than that. For all intents and purposes it is just a keyboard with buttons and joystick directions instead of letters. 

So if your screen is flipping sideways while playing, which happens by holding B1 (Crtl) & B2 (Alt) and moving Joy1 (arrow keys), you will need to disable your PC's Intel video card's built-in Hotkeys. To do so, first right-click anywhere on the desktop and go to Graphics Options>Rotation and choose 'Rotate to 0 Degrees'. Next just right-click anywhere on the desktop and go to Graphics Options>Hot Keys and choose Disable. 

Cabinet Owners: If you own one of our cabinets, while in any menu/outside of a game, on your keyboard hold RCtrl (right Ctrl key on your keyboard) and press Q to get to Windows. Once you've made the change just reboot the PC. For cocktail cabinets only, you may need to set rotation to 180 Degrees.