We have created the X-Arcade™ Test Utility Program to test the buttons and directions on the X-Arcade™  (microswitches), proper connection to the PC, as well as verifying that it is ready for MAME™. Even if you are having a problem on a game console, this test will help determine if it is a problem with the controller vs. the console cable or controller itself. This program should be your first step to solving problems. Requires Java.

  • IMPORTANT: The light on the X-Arcade™ signifies it is getting power, if the light is not lit on the X-Arcade™ it will not work! (click here to troubleshoot no light)
  • Be sure you are plugging into a USB port directly on the back of the PC (not in the front, not in a USB Hub, not with an extension cable, not in a box with a fox). 
  • Make sure you don't have any software running that might be making inputs not work, such as macro programs like X-Hotkeys.
  • Run the test in Mode1; move the switch on the back of the X-Arcade™ to Mode1 (the position closest to the serial connector), then push the button on the back of the X-Arcade™ twice (the light on the X-Arcade™ should turn off from the first push, and back on with the second). 
  • International users must set their keyboard to US101 or the inputs won't match up. 

HOW TO TEST: Run the test in Mode 1 to see the pictured X-Arcade™ respond to your button presses and joystick movements. Test up/down/left/right on both joysticks, and test every button one at a time. Tankstick/Trackball Note: The Trackball and trackball/mouse buttons do not get tested in this program as it simply acts like a mouse, moving your cursor on screen. There are 2 sets of pinball buttons on the Tankstick, the two closest to you are keyboard keys and should show they are working in the test program, but the two pinball buttons furtherst from you are mouse buttons that won't show up in the test program. The back left is mouse left-click, the back right is right-click.



Click here to download our test program! (Requires Java.)


In any Operating System you can also simply use a word editor such as notepad to test that the X-Arcade™ types the functions shown on the default Mode1 button layout. Note that some of the buttons are set to CRTL, ALT, and SHIFT,  these  buttons   will not type anything.

MAC USERS: If you have a Mac, you can use Keyboard Viewer (or KeyCaps pre-OSX)  to test that the X-Arcade™ types the functions shown on the default Mode1 button layout.