If you are experiencing difficulty, first make sure that all cables are connected to their proper ports and are firmly connected and that you are getting power to the monitor, VGA adapter, speakers, and game console/PC.

NOTE: If you bought an X-Arcade Machine cabinet with an included PC, you will have a blank screen until the PC fully boots. This can take a few minutes, so please let it boot fully. MutliRes is already installed and configured.

X-Arcade Machine Cabinet:

  • Check that the VGA adapter is in the proper mode; Mode button in is for Console Mode (LED is lit), mode button out is for PC Mode (LED is off).
  • Console only - Make sure that the S-Video jack coming from the console is firmly connected between the console and the S-In jack on the  VGA  box.
  • PC only - Make sure the VGA cable is connected between the PC's VGA  out and the VGA adapter's VGA In. Also make sure that the monitor is firmly connected to the Monitor jack on the VGA adapter.

Message on screen says "Disconnected":
This means that the monitor sees nothing connected to it at all. Check all of your connections and be sure the PC is on.

There is no video displaying on the monitor or an "Over Specification"/"Out of Range" message:
The PC must be set to 800x600 or 640x480 at 60hz refresh rate. An arcade monitor does not report it's capabilities to Windows like a PC monitor, so you will need to manually force the correct resolution to do this. So first you will need to be able to see what you're doing, so connect it to a normal PC monitor to do one of the options below. 

Option 1: 

  1. Download MultiRes. Install it, and choose the option to have it start with Windows. Now go to Start>Programs>Startup folder and right-click on  the MultiRes icon, and change the Target to say for example (800x600x32 60Hz):
    "C:\Program Files (x86)\MultiRes\MultiRes.exe" /800,600,32,60
    Alternatively, you can download our modified link (right-click and Save As) and put it in the Windows Startup folder.

Option 2. 

  1. Download QRes. Extract the QRes.exe in a folder like c:\, then put the 800x600.bat or 640x480.bat in the Windows Startup folder. Edit the .bat with notepad if different directory used. You can make a similar batch file for any other resolutions you want. 

You can later log into the PC from another computer using Remote Desktop, Remote Assistance, or a remote program like TeamViewer (what we use) or Join.me.

If there is still no video at all, unplug the monitor and check the connections/wires. There are two wide multi-wire and one 3-wire plug that runs from the chassis to neck board. One or more of these plugs could be partially out of its socket. Also check if one or more of the wires in these plugs have separated from the pin in the plug, particularly where the sharp bends occur. Also check these connectors to be sure they are all plugged in firmly. . 

"Over Specification" when I start a MAME game:

You will need to open mame.ini file in the MAME directory and change like the following:

screen                    auto
aspect                    auto
resolution                800x600@60

There is no sound:

  • Check that the speakers are turned on and at an appropriate volume level.
  • Check that the VGA adapter is in the proper mode; Mode button in is for Console Mode (LED is lit), mode button out is for PC Mode (LED is off).
  • Make sure that the speakers are connected to the SPK Out jack on the VGA box.
  • Console only - Make sure the red and white audio jacks coming from the console are firmly connected between the console and the red/white Audio In jacks on the VGA box.
  • PC only - Make sure the 1/8"-1/8" stereo audio cable is firmly connected between the PC's speaker out and the Line In on the VGA Box.

The video is discolored:
For a short time after connecting the power to the Machine, the picture may be temporarily distorted or discolored as it can be affected by the Earth’s magnetic field. By turning the Machine on for 10 or 15 seconds and then off for 20 or 30 minutes the automatic degaussing circuit applies a degaussing field around the edges of the monitor. You can alternatively degauss using the monitor's OSD menu, see the monitor's manual for more information. 

If you still have trouble, we have found that occasionally a wire comes loose in shipment. There is a short 10" cable that is connected to the monitor chassis labeled CN18, the other end is connected to the neck board labeled P101. With the power off (cabinet unplugged), inspect this cable for any loose wires. You can gently tug on the wires individually, near the plug housing to check. 

The video is blurry:
Make sure you are sending the optimum resolution to the monitor, which is 800x600x60hz. If it is still blurry, you can try adjusting the focus as shown here.

Component manuals can be downloaded here:

Video Converter VGA Box Manual

StarTech AVLink/Video Game Jockey VGA Box Manual - Spec Sheet  - Old Manual

If you have more problems with your arcade monitor, you can contact the monitor experts at Betson here:

MakVision/Weiya Monitor support here:
Betson Enterprises Headquarters
303 Paterson Plank Rd.
Carlstadt, NJ 07072
201-438-1300 x3334 Albert, Tech#51
201-438-4837 (Fax)  

More monitor troubleshooting tips here.

If your monitor is out of warranty, you can also find some self-repair tips here.