On a PC or Mac™, the buttons and joysticks are assigned to keyboard and mouse keys, think of the X-Arcade™ as an integrated keyboard (and if you have a trackball, it just acts like a mouse). When you press a button on the X-Arcade™ your computer thinks you are pressing a key on your keyboard (moving the trackball simply moves your mouse cursor). For example, if you open a word editor like notepad, you will notice that the buttons and joysticks simply type letters.

This means the X-Arcade™ will work with any game, emulator, or other program on your PC/Mac.


  • The first time you play a game, you must go to the game’s options menu. Most likely it will be SETUP, SETUP CONTROLS, OPTIONS, or CONTROLS that leads you to the menu for assigning actions in games. The majority of computer games require that you first start the game, and then press either ESC or go to the main menu, where there will be some sort of icon that represents the OPTIONS for the game or the CONTROLS for the game.
  • Once you find the game’s OPTIONS, and subsequently, the game’s CONTROLS, you must understand how to change the game's default keys to the keys on the X-Arcade™. Make sure the controls in the game are set to keyboard and mouse, NOT A JOYSTICK, as the X-Arcade™ is seen as a keyboard and mouse by your PC.
  • Example, LEFT CONTROL key of keyboard is actually the PLAYER 1 main action button, so if you want to have that first top-left button assigned to a function like FIRE or ACTION, just highlight the action you wish to perform, FIRE (or similar), then in some fashion it will then ask you to pick the key or button you wish to assign it to, then press the button on the X-Arcade™. You must do this for PLAYER 1 and PLAYER 2 (if you are playing a 2 Player game) and set up all of the actions you wish to use. This only has to be done once, and it will be saved in the game itself