The Nvidia Shield is an Android based console with its own store of streaming games, and it also offers Steam game streaming. But it's also a popular emulation device which can be loaded with RetroArch to play all of the classic arcade and console games that RetroArch emulates, which is a lot! 

The X-Arcade works as a keyboard in mode 1 for games that support keyboards for play, but most games will expect an Xinput device. X-Arcades with our Tri-Mode PCB works on the Nvidia Shield in mode 4 (Xinput mode), and the menus and games will mostly expect the X-Arcade to be in Analog 1 mode.


  • Your Shield must have firmware 7.2.3 or higher. 
  • X-Arcade must be in mode 4 (Xinput mode).
  • Use Analog 1 mode (PM + Y) to navigate RetroArch menus and play most games.
  • Mode 3 works in menus only, not in games.