We don't currently have an official adapter available for the Nintendo Switch, but there are 2 ways to get the X-Arcade to work on it so you can get a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate beat-down going!. Both options will require our 5in1 adapter (GameCube connection) and one of the following:

  1. With Nintendo firmware update 4.0 or higher GameCube controllers and our 5in1 adapter work on the Switch when used with their official GameCube-Wii U adapter or with 3rd-party ones like this. (To enable it, press L & R simultaneously when pairing controllers and use the analog/DPad modifier to get the joystick to work. The Start button acts as the + button. Keep in mind these will only work with games that have GameCube controller support.
    NOTE: This Brook GameCube-Switch adapter does NOT work with our adapters).
  2. The 8BitDo GBros. Wireless Adapter for Switch will also allow you to connect an X-Arcade to the Switch (wirelessly between our 5in1 adapter and the console), and it makes the console see it as a Pro Controller instead of a Gamecube one. It uses 2 AA batteries in each adapter, and you will need 2 of them for 2-player play. 

Keep in mind that these option may not work if the game absolutely requires the right bumper shoulder or - (minus) to work since GameCube controllers lack those buttons. There is also no Home button, so you will need to use another controller when you need to go Home, or there is a Home button on the GBros adapters. All of the 5in1 adapter mode options still work and are outlined on the 5in1 adapter page here

The Nintendo eShop offers many arcade classics including their Arcade Archive games, many even supporting vertical/portrait screen orientation options (see list here).