This guide is for upgrading the original X-Arcade Machine 27" CRT monitor with the Wells Gardner 27" LED monitor only, it is not made to work with any other monitor and we cannot support using a different model with it. 

NOTE: We recommend having someone help you do this as the CRT monitor is heavy for one person to remove alone.

  1. Power down machine and unplug it from the wall
  2. Open the rear access panel and remove the power and VGA connectors from the back of the monitor. 
  3. Unscrew and remove the monitor adjustment PCB from inside the keyboard/mouse drawer.
  4. Remove the Tankstick controller from the tray. 
  5. Remove the 6 screws inside the Tankstick controller tray (4 on the bottom and 2 on the back) and remove the tray from the cabinet.
  6. Remove the glass bracket by removing the screws holding it in:
  7. The bottom of the glass will then freely pull out towards you and slide down from the top (be careful not to break it). The bezel is just held in by the glass, so simply remove it.
  8. You will now have access to the 6 screws holding in the monitor to the braces (3 on top and 3 on bottom), just remove them and the monitor will slide out from the front. You will ideally want two people to remove it; someone has to lift and push the monitor frame from the back of the cabinet to angle it off of the horizontal wood braces. From there the person in the front holds the display and then moves to the side when the other person moves from the back to the front of the cabinet. From there each person grabs the metal frame on each side and pulls the display out of the display opening.
  9. Take LED mounting brackets (there is a left and a right) the flush side goes against the inner wall of the cabinet:
  10.  Hold LED mounting bracket flush to the top of the existing CRT bracket, insert 2-3 mounting bracket screws – being very careful not to run into the bracket too deep that they protrude through the cabinet side:
  11. Repeat for opposite side
  12. Measure down from the top glass bracket board (it has a glass groove in it ) 5 11/16” and mark a line – repeat for opposite side:
  13. Put LED into the opening and hold the top of the LED frame on the line you just marked:
  14. Put 1 LED mounting screw into each side of the LED frame to check for alignment of the bezel prior to putting all of the mounting screws in. Put LED bezel (black ABS) into cabinet and check to see if there is any metal of the LED showing through the opening of the bezel. If there is metal showing the LED can be adjusted up or down to center it into the hole of the bezel (you can also take a sharpie and carefully color the frame of the monitor to make it black to match bezel)
  15. When the LED is where you want it put the remaining mounting screws in and tighten (you probably only need 2 per side but use your own discretion)
  16. Install bezel – you may want to take a soft cloth and wipe any dust from the LED monitor – DO NOT use Windex on the LED monitor.
  17. Re-install glass (you may want to clean the glass both sides prior to re-installing)
  18. Re-install glass bracket.
  19. Re-install the Tankstick tray. 
  20. Re-install the Tankstick. 

Picture Size: Screen Scaling

NOTE: The PCs display resolution is set automatically on boot and by the Maximus frontend software, but if you exit the Maximus software it may revert to your display's native resolution. 

If your new LCD screen does not fill the screen top to bottom then you will need to set the PC to 'Maintain Display Scaling'. There are 2 ways to do this: 

Option 1: 

  • Go to Daphne and start Dragon's Lair. Ignore the game, hold the Exit Game button and tap F5 on your keyboard. 
  • Next on your keyboard press Ctrl+Alt+F11 and choose 'Maintain Display Scaling'.*
  • Press the Exit Game button again to go back to the software, and you are all set. You should only need to do this once.

Option 2: 

  • Exit the game software to Windows; while in the menus (not in a game) by pressing and holding the keyboard RCtrl (Right-side Ctrl key) and pressing Q.
  • Right-click anywhere on the Desktop and choose 'Graphics Options'>'Panel fit'> and click on 'Maintain Display Scaling' (see image on the right, click to enlarge).*
  • Reboot the PC to get back to the game software.

* If the 'Maintain Display Scaling' option is not there, you may want to open Device Manager (right-click on the Start button), click the arrow next to 'Display adapters' and choose 'Update Driver'. Choose the 'Search automatically' option and allow it a while to update the display driver. 

If you notice that the Maintain Display Scaling doesn't stick when you reboot the PC (or restart the Maximus software), open Maximus Preferences by hitting Right Ctrl+P, go to 'Interface' tab, and uncheck 'Change monitor resolution based on these settings'.