X-Arcade controllers act like a keyboard when connected to a PC using the standard included USB cable, so for testing that setup please refer to the X-Arcade Test Program

But if you are using a console adapter or software make the X-Arcade act like a gamepad on PC instead (or have purchased a gamepad from us), the information below will help you in testing that setup instead. 

To calibrate and test gamepads on a Windows PC:

  1. Press the Windows key on your keyboard (or click on the Start button) and search for "joystick" and open "Set up USB game controllers" (or similar depending on Windows version).
  2. Your controller if connected or synced properly to the PC will show up here with Status: OK. If it does not, you do not have it connected or synced properly. Try a different USB port.
  3. Click on Properties button to test your controllers buttons and joysticks.
  4. If something is not working correctly in the test, click the Settings tab and click on the Calibrate button. Follow the steps there to calibrate it, then test it again.

When the X-Arcade is connected to PC using a console X-Adapter it will still allow you to change modes as you would on a game console, switching between D-Pad and Analog sticks for example. You will be able to see how that works in this test too. See console adapter pages for instructions on changing modes.

Alternatively, you can also test using this web-based HTML5 Gamepad Tester


To test your controller is working as an Xinput controller, download and run Xinput Test.