Street Fighter V Setup:

Unfortunately Capcom® did not give much thought to the control options in Street Fighter V for PC. For example, you cannot play with 2 players on one keyboard or a keyboard encoder like have been used in many brands of game controllers for many years. Worse yet, for one player play there are hidden keyboard keys that can't be reassigned, you can't use your custom keys on the Character Select screen. And sadly it gets worse. Not only did some of those problems exist in Street Fighter IV, but they made it even more difficult to work around as it also requires Xinput and has no DirectInput support at all!

Capcom® addressed this issue saying:

"Native DirectInput support - this was one of the more consistent requests we’ve received from the PC community. We realize many fans prefer to use their existing PS3/PS4 compatible Arcade Sticks on PC which are DirectInput-based, so we are actively looking into adding this feature in an upcoming patch. In the meantime, players can use popular XInput remapping tools such as the X360CE[]."

We recommend that you contact Capcom® to request that they release a patch to address these problems. Also feel free to sound out on their official SFV forum.


2-player X-Arcade Controller Setup :
Unfortunately Capcom® didn't allow you to play 2-players with one keyboard for controllers like the X-Arcade and many others that have been around for years. This means you will have to make one or both player sides of the X-Arcade emulate a game controller.

Option 1:

Make the X-Arcade emulate an Xinput game controller

Option 2 (1-player only):

You can reprogram the X-Arcade to use the keys that the game requires. 

B – Low Punch
N – Medium Punch
M – High Punch
, – Low + Medium + High Punch
G – Low Kick
H – Medium Kick
J – High Kick
K – Low + Medium + High Kick
B+G – Throw
H+N – V-Trigger
Enter – Start