We now offer a PlayStation 2™ to PlayStation 4™ adapter, it requires one of our PlayStation 2 or 5in1 X-Adapters, available purchase options here. This adapter will also allow you to use many other PS2 gamepads/controllers on your PS4 or PS3 console.

Click here to purchase a PS4™ adapter for the X-Arcade™


  • Make sure the switch on the adapters is set to Gamepad, not Wheel. 
  • Upgrade the adapter's firmware before use, instructions for doing so below. 
  • The red LED on the PS4 adapter is not lit by default, it only comes on when using the Turbo function. 
  • For 2-player play on PS4, you will need 2 accounts on your PS4 console. If you only have 1, create a guest account. 
  • The PS4 doesn't assign controllers based on controller ports like old consoles did. The assignment is instead a controller to a User account. This means you can ignore player labels when you connect it to the PS4, and just log into your account on the side of the controller you want to play on. 
  • For PS4 Pro you may need to use a USB hub in the front USB ports, or just use the rear USB ports. 


Once you have 2 accounts, you will want to do the following to get setup: 

  1. Player 1 side: Press Share+Option simultaneously to initialize the controller, this may take you to the login/Shut Down or menu screen (this is normal). Press Share+Square or Share+Triangle to get the controls working, then log into your main user account.
  2. Player 2 side: Press Share+Option on the Player 2 side of the controller, then Select+Square or Select+Triangle and log into the secondary/guest account.


Just connect them to the PS3 to play. You can reassign controllers at any time, (using the controller you want to reassign) go to "Settings" in the XMB, go to "Accessory Settings", and choose "Reassign Controllers". Simply change to the number you prefer.

Hold the Share button and tap the Option button once = tapping the PS button on a PS4 gamepad. To exit a game, while continuously holding the Share button press Option and then immediately (While still holding Share) press Square or Triangle. 

There is also PS button on the PS4 adapter itself.

Instructions and the full list of functions available here.

Turbo Mode (rapid fire):

If you hold any button and press Option it will set that button to turbo mode (red light on PS4 adapter comes on). To turn it off, hold the same button again and press Option again (light on adapter goes back off, unless other buttons are still set to turbo mode). Unplug the adapter from the console and plug it back in to reset/turn off turbo mode for all buttons. 

Firmware Upgrade:

You can upgrade the firmware to the newest version for new features and compatibility and will need to do this if your adapter is timing out (stops working after a few minutes of play). 

  • There are 2 versions of firmware, 1) Standard (PS2 to PS3/PS4) and 2) Tournament which disables turbo/remap functions for tournament compliant play. The instructions for installing each is at the link below next to the firmware downloads. 
  • You only need to connect the PS4 adapter to the PC by itself to do the firmware upgrade, nothing else needs to be connected to it.
  • Firmware Upgrade Instructions. You need to hold the button on the PS4 adapter while connecting it to the PC to ready it for the firmware update.
    Download Firmware Upgrade (choose download for "PS2 to PS3/PS4") 


  • If the adapter is timing out after a few minutes of play, you need to update the firmware on the adapter using the instructions above. IMPORTANT: If you still have the timeout issue after doing the firmware update, then you will want to try flashing it on a different PC again (or at the least a different USB host controller). Users have reported the software reporting flashed successfully but it still timing out, but flashing it again on a different PC resolved it.
  • The first thing you want to do is test the X-Arcade™ on your PC using the X-Arcade™ Test Utility Program to check that it is being recognized by your PC properly. If your controller works in the X-Arcade™ Test Program, then your controller is fine. Be certain to test the pinball buttons and Option buttons since they are used to initialize the adapter. Run the X-Arcade™ Test Program.
  • If the button layout is different from the one above, be sure the switch on the PS4 adapter is set to 'Gamepad', not 'Wheel'.
  • If you have trouble getting both players to work at the same time, see instructions at the top of this page for doing so.
  • If you are having problems getting it to work, be sure to update the firmware. Download Firmware Upgrade (choose download for "PS2 to PS3/PS4")
  • If you are still having trouble but your X-Arcade is working on the PC with our test program, try the X-Arcade on a PlayStation 1 or 2 console to see if it works there (if possible). If you have a PlayStation 1 or 2 gamepad, please also test if it works on the PS4 adapter, to initialize the gamepad on the PS4 you need to press the Analog button on the PS gamepad. This will help troubleshoot the cause.
  • PC Use: The PS4 adapter will work on a Windows PC as a game controller, but it does not have Xinput support for games that need it.