Online Manual (kept up to date with the newest firmware, original firmware manual is included in the box)

We recommend you upgrade your firmware before using it.

Firmware Upgrade (click the Firmware tab in new window)

Click here to email support. 

Windows PC: (Xinput, acts like a 360 gamepad)

Use wireless (Bluetooth-enabled PC or Bluetooth dongle required) or wired. with the included USB cable.


To test that it is working properly in on PC see Windows gamepad testing

Android & Gear VR

Ideal for most Android games including all Gear VR games. When connected in Mode 1 it should be listed as NES30 Pro (not gamepad). Note that the A/X and B/Y buttons are swapped compared to other popular Android compatible gamepads.


To test it is working properly on Android you can use Gamepad Tester or Game Controller KeyMapper.

You can also map the controls to the touchscreen with Tincore, Wiki page here

iPhone iOS:

On iOS platform the controller supports games which support keyboard or ICade mode.

Compatible iPhone iCade games list


You can test your controller with Joystick and Gamepad Tester for Mac.

PlayStation 3, Wii, and Retron 5: 

There also advanced expanded modes for PlayStation 3, Wii, and the Retron 5. These will, however, require flashing to a specific firmware for each which overrides the default firmware. 


Keyboard Emulation on PC and Mac:

The Xpad software (click Tools when new page opens) allows the gamepad to emulate a keyboard for online web-based games and games without gamepad support. Over 600 web-based games here.

Maximus Arcade:

  1. Download Maximus Arcade and install as instructed. 
  2. In Maximus Arcade Preferences go to 'Controller' tab, then 'Joystick' sub-tab and put a check next to 'Capture Joystick/Gamepad'. 
  3. Next go the 'Setup 1' sub-tab and from the drop-down list choose 'SNES Wireless' if using wirelessly, or 'Xbox 360 Gamepad' if wired and in 360 mode. If you have Maximus Arcade installed and don't see that option, you can simply download our config files below and put it in '\MAX2.10\Frontend\preferences\' directory. 
  4. Go to the configuration Tab and for each emulator change the Command line part that says "X-Arcade" to "SNESWireless".
  5. To change controls for any game/system, while the game is running press the Tab key and configure Input (this game) to your liking. Do not change The Input (general) options.

Function: X-Arcade
Scroll Up Joy1/D-Pad Up
Scroll Down Joy1/D-Pad Down
Scroll Left
Joy1/D-Pad Left
Scroll Right
Joy1/D-Pad Right
Page Up  Joy2 Left
Page Down Joy2 Right
Page Up Letter Joy2 Up
Page Down Letter
Joy2 Down
Select Emu/Game A, B, or Start
Previous Menu
X, Y, or Select
Favorites L1 or R1
Add Favorite
L3 (press Joy1 button), then select 'Favorite'
Delete Favorite R3 (press Joy2 button)
Exit Game (return to Maximus)
Select + Start
Exit Maximus Arcade
L3 + R3


To restore to factory settings, with the controller OFF hold down power button for 8 seconds. This will not change the firmware version. 

Click here to email support.

No power or lights:

You may need to hold the power button for 3 seconds and then tap the face buttons a few times to power it on. If that doesn't work try holding down the L, R, Start and Select buttons. 

Try updating the firmware again. 

Controller goes into pairing mode (fast blue flashing) after being on for an extended period of time:

Hold the power button to turn the controller off, wait 30 seconds, then hold power button to turn controller back on.

Controller was previously paired, but when it's turned on it does not reconnect (it's in pairing mode, fast blue flashing):

Power-off the controller. open up Device Manager:>Bluetooth devices and find the nes30pro, right-click on it and choose 'Disable'. Wait 30 seconds, then right-click it again and choose 'Enable'. Turn the controller back on and it should now auto-pair as normal.

Also check for any devices in Device Manager for any devices with a ! or ? mark. If you see one, right-click on it and choose Uninstall, then reboot the PC.