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International customers will be responsible for all customs/duties imposed by their country, and if your package has not been delivered to you it may be being held waiting for you to contact them to pay customs duties. 

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To cancel an order or make changes to an order: Simply reply to your order confirmation email. This is also stated in your confirmation email. Calling or starting a ticket instead may not get to us in time to stop or change the order. 

eBay International orders are shipped to Kentucky, then they ship it to you: 

Tracking numbers are emailed automatically within 24-48 business hours from placing your order (please check your spam folder for it), or just click the bluefound in your order confirmation email to get it. If it's past due check your order email to be sure what you ordered is not on backorder. If you have not received it after 2 BUSINESS days and have verified it's not in your spam folder and that the item you ordered is not on backorder, please reply to your order email to request it. 

If you ordered an arcade cabinet, please note you'll receive a Fedex tracking number for the PC and a separate tracking number for the machine via Freight.

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