Add Extra Key Functions to your X-Arcade on PC and for MAME

You can use AutoHotkey to not only software reprogram your X-Arcade keys on PC, but also to make macros (a set of keys that makes a sting of keys get pressed in order).

If you want to add extra key functions to the X-Arcade on PC, download our new X-Hotkeys program which adds the following useful functions:

1P Start + P2 Start = Escape (exits MAME games)
1P Start + Button 1 = Enter (starts a game from MAME menu)
1P Start + Button 3 = P (pauses MAME games)

If you want to add even more alternate functions, simply make your own config file using the instructions included with AutoHotkey. Here is our custom config file that you can modify to add functions.


You can also use AutoHotKey to make macros for complex moves, such as those used in fighting game like Street Fighter. Here are a couple of samples for Street Fighter 4 you can use and customize to your liking or for other characters:



Button 7 + FP = Ultra to Left
Button 8 + FP = Ultra to Right
Button 7 + MP = Super to Left
Button 8 + MP = Super to Right