MAME32 4 DummiesWith  MAME™  you can use your X-Arcade™ to relive thousands of arcade classics on your PC or Mac in their original arcade form! These games are not remakes, but the original, authentic arcade games you played in the 70's, 80's and 90's. See the history of MAME™ Here

M.A.M.E.™ stands for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator. An emulator is simply a software program that makes your computer pretend it is another game system, like an arcade machine. As the name suggests, MAME™ can pretend to be a multitiude of different arcade machines, thousands in fact! Nearly any game you played from the first arcade game to recent hits can be played with this one program. Combine MAME™ with an X-Arcade™ and you now have thousands of arcade machines in one!

So now you've been schooled on what MAME™ is, but still have no idea  how to use it? You need MAME™ For Dummies! MAME™ for Dummies is our page designed to help new users get the files they need and learn how to use them with the X-Arcade.