(screenshot from Robotron™ using MAME)In 1996, Nicoloa Salmoria began working on a software program to allow the play of a single classic arcade machine on his PC. Sparked by a previous interest in playing arcade classics, he released MAME™ and gave birth to a new way to play classic games. The MAME™ OPEN SOURCE DEVELOPMENT movement includes over 100 independent programmers throughout the world working to expand the library of over 3000 supported games.

MAME™ allows you to enjoy long-lost arcade games, but the purpose of the program was to provide a working testament of the history of arcade games. Many of the original arcade game have disappeared, and have not been resurrected for new game systems. The interest in these games rests in the millions of people who played these classic arcade games in the arcades in the 70's and 80's, but who could not find a source to fulfill their interest in the games. Until now.

The simplicity of Pac-Man™, Space Invaders™, Robotron™ and, Street Fighter™ in their original form can create more enjoyment than new generation games for some.

Cheesy music, poor graphics, fun game play; add up to one thing: Nostalgia. Those of us who enjoy playing arcade classics, enjoy being ourselves and reliving the games which provided enjoyment in our youth. Something as small as the music of a classic arcade game (hearing Dig-Dug™ or Pac-Man™) can instantly take you back in time 10,15 or 20 years to remember that enchanting time in your life.

If you enjoyed these games in arcades, you can return to your youth, a simpler place and time in the world.

If only for a game or two, relive those simple times today. 


You should own a copy of any game you wish to use the MAME ROM for.