The X-Arcade acts like a keyboard on both MAME4Droid and MAME4All (except on Ouya), simply connect using the USB port. If your android device doesn't have a USB port,  you can make is work wirelessly with the Mayflash brand PS2 wireless adapter for Android together with our Dedicated PS2 adapter. It will not work with the 5in1 adapter however.

List of iCade iOS compatible games.

runs the most MAME games on an Android device. To use the X-Arcade on it simply tap on the screen outside of the center window to bring up Settings. Under Settings>Input you will want to set External Controller to 'Keyboard or IME', and then define the controls under Settings>Input>Define Keys to the layout shown below.

MAME4All only plays a limited number of older MAME games compared to MAME4Droid. To use the X-Arcade on it simply click on 'OPTION' on the screen, choose Settings, then define keys. You will want to set the controls up as shown below.


Function: Player 1
Player 2 
Stick Up Numpad 8 R
StickDown Numpad 2 F
Stick Left Numpad 4 D
Stick Right Numpad 5 G
Stick B Ctrl Left
Stick X Alt Left
Stick A Space Q
Stick Y Left Shift W
Stick L1 Z E
Stick R1 X [
Coin or Stick Select 3 4
Stick Start 1 2