Find the grind: The X-Arcade™ was made to be user serviceable, just like a real arcade. It does not void the Lifetime Warranty to open it.

First you will need to open the X-Arcade™.

Once open, the first thing to look for that could be causing the grinding is the cone-shaped piece (shown in the diagram below) being in upside-down. The wide part of the cone-shaped piece should be down inside of the housing. To get to it, you will want to remove the silver "C" shaped metal piece (C-Clip) on the bottom of the joystick handle. Be sure there is something holding the handle side of the stick in from the other side as removing the C-Clip will release it. Using a flat-head screwdriver, put the tip in one of the 2 slots of the C-Clip and pry it sideways away from the joystick handle to remove it (careful, they like to run away from you!).

You can use white lithium grease on the cone-shaped piece to reduce friction and noise.

If the cone is correctly inserted and you still have grinding, you will want to look for the cause inside of the joystick housing. To open it, simply remove the 4 Phillips-head screws from the 4 microswitches and move the switches out of your way. Now remove the 4 screws that are found under the switches. Look at the diagram below to be sure everything looks the same, obviously looking for any broken pieces. If you find anything broken, please use the Contact button above to contact us for further help.