NOTE: The following options use 3rd-party devices, we offer no support for them. 

PC Only: 

The X-Arcade can work wirelessly with the Nulaxy Wired USB Keyboard and Mouse to Bluetooth Keyboard/Mouse Adapter, including trackball support.

PC/Android/iOS - Wireless Gamepad Option: 

The X-Arcade can work wirelessly on PC,  Android, or iOS devices as a gamepad (vs. a keyboard when using the standard PC cables).

iOS Devices only: List of iCade iOS™ compatible games.

If you own an X-Arcade and are looking to connect it up with your Ipad™ or IOS™ device, you have a great new unofficial, unsupported option.

Requirements To Use X-Arcade + Ipad & IOS

The method to get your X-Arcade working on your IOS device is first ensuring it is Jailbroken and open. Once you install the BTstack from Cydia Store, your IOS™ Device (Ipad™, iPhone™) will support any Nintendo Wii Classic Controller™. Since our Wii U Adapter functions as a Wii Classic Controller™, you can then play any game or emulator controllable with BTstack (Mame, etc)

Unsupported and unofficial hack and workaround, but fun nonetheless. 

Get your Wii U Adapter here and hook up X-Arcade™and IOS™.