The X-Arcade can work wirelessly with the Mayflash brand PS2 wireless adapter for Android, iOS and PC together with our newest model 5in1 adapter (which does NOT have detachable cables). It will not work with the old 5in1 adapters that had detachable cables however.

List of iCade iOS compatible games.

X-Arcade™ With IOS™ Devices: 

If you own an X-Arcade and are  looking to connect it up with your Ipad™ or IOS™ device, you have a  great new un-official, un-supported option.

Requirements To Use X-Arcade™ + Ipad™& IOS™

The  method you get your X-Arcade working on your IOS device is first ensuring it is Jailbroken and open. Once you install the BTstack from  Cydia Store, your IOS™ Device (Ipad™, iPhone™) will support any Nintendo  Wii Classic Controller™. Since our Wii U Adapter functions as a Wii Classic Controller™, you can then play any game or emulator controllable with BTstack (Mame, etc)

Un-supported and un-official hack and work-around, but fun nonetheless. 

Get your Wii U Adapter here and hook up X-Arcade™and IOS™.