You will find basic size dimensions for all of our products under "Specs" at the bottom of the product's page. More detailed dimensions can be found below:

Dual Dimensions:

Tankstick Dimensions (inches): 

Approx: 28.75x13 - Base: 25.5x10.25 15lbs. Height: front 4.75 back 3.25

Tankstick vs. Dual:

Machine 32" Dimensions:
Height: 75"
Width: 34.5" (with control panel on, 32" with control panel off)
Depth 33" (with control panel on, 28" with control panel off)
Weight: 400lbs.
You can remove the control panel so machine easily fits inside any door, depth becomes 28" and can be carried through doors sideways. The control panel base is approximately 34" high from the floor.

Arcade2TV Dimensions:
37" Tall / 34" Wide / 27" Deep 225LBS
Storage Area: 8.5”h x 31.5”w x 12”d 

"Lumber Jacques" Arcade Cabinet Dimensions:
66.5" Tall / 24.75" Wide / 28.6"Deep, 220LBS

Space Race Cocktail Arcade Cabinet Dimensions:
30.5 x 40.75 x 21 (125 LBS)

Arcade Parts Dimensions:

Button Dimensions Diagram
Joystick Dimensions Diagram

Switch terminals: .25 inch (6.3 mm))
Buttons: 1.125 INCH or 28MM Hole

Coin Door Dimensions Diagram