You will find basic size dimensions for all of our products under "Specs" at the bottom of the product's page. More detailed dimensions can be found below:

Dual Dimensions:

Tankstick Dimensions (inches): 

Approx: 28.75x13 - Base: 25.5x10.25 15lbs. Height: front 4.75 back 3.25

Machine Dimensions:
Height: 75"; Width: 34-3/4"(with panel); Depth 43"; Weight: 400+lbs. You can remove  the control panel so machine easily fits inside any door. Width becomes  "28-1/8. The control panel base is approximately 34" high from the floor. The monitior area is 26.5" wide and 20.25" high (in between the wood braces).

Arcade2TV Dimensions:
37" Tall / 34" Wide / 27" Deep 225LBS
Storage Area: 8.5”h x 31.5”w x 12”d 

"Lumber Jacques" Arcade Cabinet Dimensions:
66.5" Tall / 24.75" Wide / 28.6"Deep, 220LBS

Space Race Cocktail Arcade Cabinet Dimensions:
30.5 x 40.75 x 21 (125 LBS)

Arcade Parts Dimensions:

Button Dimensions Diagram
Joystick Dimensions Diagram

Switch terminals: .25 inch (6.3 mm))
Buttons: 1.125 INCH or 28MM Hole

Coin Door Dimensions Diagram