We now have an Xbox One adapter solution here.

Interesting news that PlayStation 3 arcade stick compatibility on PlayStation 4 will vary from game to game, decision left to developers discretion.

X-Arcade on PS4 and Xbox One using CronusMax through a PC:

IMPORTANT: We do not offer any support for this workaround. The CronusMax will require you to use a PC in between the X-Arcade and console while you play. For direct help on this, please refer to this forum post., user Gl0zz3n will be happy to help.

With the help of the CronusMax team, we have made this custom layout so that the X-Arcade can work on the PS4 and Xbox One consoles through a PC using the Cronus PRO software. To do so, you will need to do the following: 
  1. Connect everything up as shown in the diagram below. 
  2. Download this zip file which includes the custom Layout and GPC script and extract it.
  3. In the Cronus PRO software, go to 'File', then 'Open' and choose the downloaded X-Arcade.gpc file. 
  4. Next Open 'Plugins', then ''X-AIM'. In X-AIM, go to 'File' then 'Import Layout', and choose the X-Arcade layout file you downloaded. Next choose 'Layout Options" then "Import GPC Layout". (special thanks to Gl0zz3n for making this script!)
  5. Sync the Cronus to the game console. In X-AIM click on the "Capture Input" button and play!

X-Arcade on Xbox One using CronusMax with Xbox 360 adapers:

NOTE: The CronusMax will only work with older 360 adapters, not the ones we currently sell. 
The X-Arcade can work on the Xbox One using the CronusMAX adapters, though it is a bit pricey and not a perfect solution. To do this you will need:
  • 1x CronusMAX adapter per player 
  • 1x Xbox One Controller per player (because the CronusMAX borrows the signature/ID# from the controller for itself, and the XBox One doesn't allow two devices with identical IDs to operate at the same time.)
  • 1x MicroUSB-USB cable
  • 1x 5in1 X-Adapter and 1x Xbox 360 Adapter per player (available together in this kit)
  1. You will need to first plug your CronusMAX into a PC and update the firmware, and then use the Cronus PRO software to change the CronusMAX to Xbox One mode
  2. Turn on your Xbox One console.
  3. Plug the Xbox One controller into the CronusMAX using the Micro-USB-USB cable. (The authentication process is needed every time the CM device is connected on the system and/or every time the system is initialized).
  4. Plug the CronusMAX into a USB port on the Xbox One Console (there is one USB port on the left side of the Xbox One, and one on the back). Wait for the CronusMAX adapter to show 0.
  5. Unplug the Xbox One controller from the CronusMAX, and plug the Xbox 360 adapter into the CronusMAX. When the display shows 0 again it is ready to play. 

Official CronusMAX Xbox One Instructions

Official CronusMAX Instructions