The following information is only for owners of one of our arcade cabinets.

If you are no longer able to get into the game menus, for example, you get an error on boot such as 'Invalid Locations', this usually happens if the cabinet loses power without the PC being shut down properly. To avoid this in the future, be sure to shut the PC down properly by tapping (don't hold) the power button on the front of the PC and allow the PC to fully shut off, and then you can optionally turn off the main power on the back of the cabinet (or a power strip if you are using one). 

To fix it (or if you just want to restore the preferences to the factory default); 

  1. At the Invalid Locations screen, hold the Player 2 Start button (or 2 on your keyboard) and press the F11 key on your keyboard (or F12 for Presentation Mode). The Maximus software will restart on its own when complete, and your screen will be blank for a few minutes while it rescans all of your games.
  2. For cabinets purchased before 6/2017 you can alternatively hold the Player 2 Start button (or 2 on your keyboard) and press the Delete key on your keyboard, you won't see anything happen. Next just press the power button on your PC to shut it down and restart it.

Alternative method: 

  1. At the 'Invalid Locations' screen, choose 'Yes' to open Preferences. 
  2. From the preferences screen, on the keyboard press Right Ctrl + Q (hold Ctrl key on right-side of your keyboard and press the letter Q key).
  3. If you aren't now in Windows, simultaneously press Ctrl+Alt+Del and choose Task Manager. In Task Manager, press the 'More Details' button and Choose File>Run new task, then type in "explorer" without the quotes and hit enter. 
  4. Open File Explorer and go to the directory "C:\MAX 2.10\! Restore Default Prefs\" and run the file called '! Restore.bat' or '! Restore-Biz.bat' if it's in a public location for Presentation Mode
  5. Then simply reboot the PC.