NOTE: We do not provide any graphic design! Custom printing is available for the marquee, bezel and both sides of the machine only. Full-side printing (entirely over the blue wood) is not available, we only print the size as seen on our default 'Lumber Jacques' artwork area. We'll print exactly what you send us, we don't modify or design artwork for you. We cannot apply custom control panel artwork, the control panel will look the same as this image but without the 'Lumber Jacques' characters on it.

Files can be saved as a Photoshop (.psd), Illustrator (.ai), layered .pdf (ready for print, high quality), flat .pdf without template on with bleed, or .eps without template visible with bleed. RGB is the color mode we print in and will give you the best color with the printer we use, but we can print in CMYK as well. 150-300 dpi recommended, 72 minimum. Photoshop and Illustrator files will allow us to edit anything if needed. 

Download Art Kit