X-Arcade Machine Custom Artwork Kit

  • We accept Photoshop(PSD) Illustrator(AI), Portable Document Format(PDF), and Encapsulated PostScript(EPS) files. Vector files or Layered files are preferred, but if you need to flatten raster files (PSD) make sure the artwork fully extends to the bleed line before flattening to reduce file size. If you are working in Photoshop (or any raster program), please ensure files are a minimum of 150 dpi with a max of 300 dpi to ensure best print quality. Color can be in CMYK or RGB, but be aware that all color is converted to CMYK for print with spot colors converted to closest estimate. 
  • Artwork is printed on high quality 4 mil. white vinyl with a gloss over-laminate for protection.
  • This includes the side art and marquee only (we cannot apply control panel artwork).
  • The X-Arcade Machine's marquee is 28.7/16 x 7 5/16 , but there is a wood frame around that size bringing the viewable size you actually see of the logo down to about 28 x 6.25 as shown in the template.

  • Download: Art files for custom artwork including bleed line

X-Arcade Machine Artwork

Machine Artwork Samples

X-Arcade Controller Art Overlays


X-Arcade Logo

X-Arcade Logo

Custom Artwork Designers

If you are looking for a custom marquee, side artwork, or control panel art, check out GameOnGrafix.com, they customize:

Custom LED Marquees

Pixelcade makes custom LED marquees.

Example on Machine