NOTE: This only applies to X-Arcade Machines and Arcade2TV Cabinets purchased before 12/6/15

New features include:

  • New scanline effect for Aracade2TV cabinets for that authentic original CRT look!
  • MAME games save state; saves your high scores and also when you return to an exited game it will start right where you left off!
  • Raise and lower the volume using only the controller!
  • Run the test program directly without needing to exit to Windows!
  • Restore functions which can reset the preference back to factory defaults.
  • For cabinets purchased before 6/2017, it includes Presentation Mode.

Installation Instructions:
  1. Contact us to request the file link using your original email address you purchased your cabinet with. 
  2. Exit Maximus to Windows, while in the game menus (not in a game) on the keyboard press Right Ctrl + Q (hold Ctrl key on right-side of keyboard and press letter Q key)
  3. Extract the zipped file to your desktop (or any other folder where you can find it). 
  4. In the extracted folder, click on '! MACHINE UPGRADE" for an X-Arcade Machine, or '! A2TV UPGRADE' for an Arcade2TV cabinet. The black Command window will close itself when it's completed.
  5. Arcade2TV Only: Change PC resolution to 1280x720. Then press Ctrl+Alt+F11 and choose "Maintain Display Scaling".
  6. You can now delete the folder and .zip downloaded, then reboot the PC.

Note: If you have an older Machine that did not include Genesis games, you will get an "Invalid Locations" message about Sega Genesis. If you get this, just click 'Yes', click on the Display Order' tab, click to highlight Sega Genesis on the right and click 'Delete", then just click the Close button.

Note: These commands must all be done while in the menus (outside of a game).
  • To raise and lower the volume, (out of game only) hold the Player 2 Start button and press up on joystick 1 to raise the volume, or down to lower it.
  • To test your controller, first run the game Dragon's Lair from the Daphne menu, hold the Player 2 Start button (or 2 on your keyboard) and press T on your keyboard. When done testing, press Escape on your keyboard to go back to the game software, then use the exit game command as usual to go back to your list of games.
  • To delete the game save states and delete all of your games high scores, hold the Player 2 Start button (or 2 on your keyboard) and press End on your keyboard.
  • On the Arcade2TV only: the new scanlines feature is on by default. You can disable/enable it, to do so (again, while outside of a game only) hold the Player 2 Start button (or 2 on your keyboard) and press F1 to enable it or F2 to disable it.
  • If you are no longer able to get into the game menus (for example you get an error on boot such as 'invalid directories'), or you want to restore the preferences to the factory default; hold the Player 2 Start button (or 2 on your keyboard) and press Delete on your keyboard. Choose Yes, then close Preferences (or just reboot the PC).
  • Presentation Mode details.