The X-Arcade™ was made to be user serviceable, just like a real arcade. It does not void the Lifetime Warranty to open it.

To open the X-Arcade™:

  1. First disconnect the X-Arcade™ from any systems, and remove the serial cable.
  2. Next turn the X-Arcade™ over on your lap, or on a surface that allows the joysticks not to have pressure on them.
  3. PIC: Now remove the screws on the bottom of the X-Arcade™ that are recessed in the rubber feet. Your X-Arcade™ may have small rubber covers over the screws in the center of these rubber feet, if so just pop them out.
  4. PIC: Finally, remove the bottom panel. This is easiest done with a flat object like a butter knife (careful not to cut yourself) or some other wide flat object Simply pry in between the cracks of the X-Arcade™ base and the panel, being careful not to scratch that beautiful veneer. Now you have access to customize, or change joystick modes.