IMPORTANT: If the red light/button on the top-right of the control panel is not illuminated, the joysticks and buttons will not work. This could be because the controller is in programming mode, firmware update mode, or another issue that you can troubleshoot with the info below.

No Special Drivers Are Required For X-Arcade!

TANKSTICK/TRACKBALL IMPORTANT NOTE: 2x connections are required for the Tankstick to fully work (the electronics for both connections are completely separate inside the controller and either or both can be connected independently of the other): 

  • The serial-USB cable connection with a purple PS/2 end on it makes the Light on the controller work, and makes the buttons and joysticks work. Use the information below to troubleshoot an issue with this part of your controller.
  • The information below is not pertaining to the permanently attached USB cable with a green PS/2 end on it, which is for the trackball only (including the rear 2 pinball buttons and red-lit Exit button on newer models). You can leave the trackball cable unplugged while troubleshooting below.

When you plug the X-Arcade™ into a USB port on a Windows, you should get a hardware plugged in sound. There are no special drivers needed, they are built into all modern Operating Systems. If it prompts for a driver, simply continue to press "Next" and "Continue Anyway" at any prompts until you get a message saying your hardware is ready to use.

If instead you get no light or a message saying "Device Not Recognized":

  1. Be sure your PC has USB 2.0 or higher, it will not work in USB 1.0.
  2. Be sure you are only connecting the USB connector to the PC, you DO NOT plug in any purple PS/2 connections when using USB.
  3. Be sure you are plugging into a USB port directly on the back of the PC (not in the front, not in a USB Hub, not with an extension cable, not with a fox in a box).
  4. Try it on a different PC, just to be sure it is not a PC specific problem.
  5. If you have an X-Arcade with a Tri-Mode PCB (modes 3 and 4 it acts like a gamepad), the PCB can get left in firmware update mode which would cause no light, so try re-flashing the firmware again even on a different PC (this has been known to solve the problem).
  6. Be sure you have a USB capable model X-Arcade, click here to check.  
  7. Open the X-Arcade™ (this does not void the warranty) and check that the longest white Molex connector is firmly attached to the PCB, it is recommended to unplug it and plug it back in to be sure. See video.
  8. If you have not used the controller in a long time (months) and found it not working, when you first plugged it back in it may have caused a power spike that needs to be hard reset. Please unplug the controller for 24hrs and then try it again. 
If you have verified the things above are not the cause.
Please contact us with answers to the following questions (numbered please), and these questions are only regarding the serial-USB connection with a purple PS/2 end on it (not the green trackball USB, so do not plug in the trackball when checking these).
  1. Are you connecting it to the PC using this serial-USB cable?
  2. Does the light on the X-Arcade come on when you plug it into the USB port on a PC/Mac? 
  3. When plugged into PC/Mac, if you press the programming button on the back of the X-Arcade, does the light go off and on?
  4. Did you try unplugging the longest Molex connector from the PCB inside and plugging it back in per step 6 above?
  5. Does Windows recognize it was plugged in at all? 
  6. When you plug it in do you get any error messages? If so what does it say? 
  7. If you have a game console X-Adapter, does it work on a game console currently?
  8. Does it give this error on more than 1 PC? (Please check)
  9. Does it work in the PS/2 keyboard port connection instead? (be sure to have a PS/2 keyboard connected to the controller before booting the PC to try it this way, (NOTE: IT WILL NOT WORK IN THE PS/2 PORT WITHOUT A KEYBOARD PLUGGED INTO THE BACK OF THE X-ARCADE).
  10. If you wiggle the cable coming out of the back of the controller, does the light on the controller ever blink on or off? Check for any other connection issues here, let us know results.
  11. Did you try hard resetting it per step 8 above?
  12. IMPORTANT: If you have trimode, did you try re-flashing the firmware, including on a different PC?
  13. If that doesn't solve, please provide your original order number for your warranty and please provide your current mailing address. We need copy of receipt/invoice number for lifetime warranty.

Click here to contact us with answers to the questions above so that we may efficiently assist you further.