The X-Arcade works brilliantly with Pinball Emulators due to the native Pinball Side Buttons on the X-Arcade. The Tankstick version has DUAL PINBALL BUTTONS.

For the Tankstick: 2 of the buttons are native for mouse and many pinball games such as Visual Pinball that do not have native mouse button support for gameplay. Thanks to a program known as AutoHotkey you can! By creating a custom config file for use with these pinball emulators, we created an easy to use program that you simply start before playing them.

Download the X-Hotkeys program. Simply run it before playing a pinball game and it changes the mouse buttons to the default keyboard keys used for needed actions as listed below. Default action is Nudge Left and Right. Keep in mind it only works when one of these Pinball games is running. 

~ (Tilde) = Toggles X-Hotkeys on and off, tray icon will show 'X' (or H) when active, 'S' when suspended.

Visual Pinball and PinMAME
Download Visual Pinball here
Easy installation and usage instructions
Mouse Button 1 = Z
Mouse Button 2 = /

Future Pinball
Future Pinball has native mouse button support, X-Hotkeys is not needed.
Download Future Pinball here
Download Future Pinball tables here 

Pro Pinball: Timeshock!, Fantastic Journey, and Big Race USA
Mouse Button 1 = Left Alt
Mouse Button 2 = Right Alt

Pro Pinball: The Web
Mouse Button 1 = G
Mouse Button 2 = H

If X-Hotkeys does not work with your game,  simply make your own config file using the instructions included with AutoHotkey. Here is our custom config file that you can modify to work with your software or to use different keys.. 

Here is a great place to learn more about and discuss Pinball emulators: