MaLa seems to be dead now.

MaLa is a multi emulator front-end designed for all 32bit Windows operating systems. It supports the Windows command line version of MAME with XML ROM info (> 0.84), PC Games and all command line based emulators. Mala is for anyone who wants to launch MAME and other Games (emulated or not) from an Interface that does not look like 'windows', can be controlled with Arcade Controls, is simple and versatile to suit your cab to get you playing the games you love quickly.

Easy MaLa  setup for MAME :

  1. Download and install MAME™ as instructed.
  2. Download MaLa  (registration required). - Site is now flagged as unsafe
  3. Unzip the downloaded file to "C:\MaLa". DO NOT RUN IT YET.
  4. Download modified ini file (it is a self-extracting executable), click Unzip and it will put "mala.ini" in the folder you created in the previous step. (If you chose a different folder in step 3, you can instead open the .exe with WinZip and extract the file there instead).
  5. Run MaLa and when it fully opens to full screen, right-click and choose "Refresh main game list" to populate Rom list..

MaLa Documentation and Help

MaLa GUI Button Layout:


Scroll UpJoy1 Up
Scroll DownJoy1 Down
Skip Up Right PB + Joy1 Up
Skip DownRight PB + Joy1 Down
Skip Up Name
P1 Button 8
Skip Down Name
P1 Button 9
Fast ScrollHold Right PB  while moving Joy1 Up/Down
Select Game/Menu
P1 Button 1
Menu Screen
P1 Start
Exit MaLaRight PB + P1 Start
Next/Previous Emulator
Joy 1 Right/Left

More help: Arcade Controls Forum: MaLa