HyperSpin is an animated arcade frontend for Windows for use on Home Arcade Machines. HyperSpin allows you to create custom menu systems to run most executables with that arcade look and feel. HyperSpin takes a more artwork oriented approach to creating menu's. With this tool you should be able to make interesting menu's for your games, movies etc. Simply put, HyperSpin is likely the best looking emulation front-end ever devised, and makes emulation setup easier.
We have made getting HyperSpin up and running easy if you follow this simple guide, but if you use other directories or versions of MAME than those outlined here, then you will .

Easy HyperSpin setup for MAME:

  1. Download and install this MAME™ as instructed
  2. Download HyperSpin (registration required), install it to the default location. You can also get the Hyperspin Torrent Here
  3. Open HyperHQ click on the Wheel Settings tab, choose MAME from the drop-down list, and next to Executable put "C:\MAME Plus!\mamep.exe" without the quotes. Also put "C:\MAME Plus!\roms\" next to Rom path. NOTE: These settings only work with the version of MAME linked in 1, if you are using a different version of MAME point them to your location.
  4. In HyperHQ, click on the Control tab, Keyboard sub-tab, then set up the controls to your liking. An example layout is shown below. If you have a trackball click on the Trackball tab and put a check to enable it.

hyperhq settings.jpg

Hyperspin Documentation and Help

HyperSpin GUI Button Layout:

Function: X-Arcade
Scroll Up Up
Scroll Down Down
Skip Up  Left
Skip Down Right
Skip Up Number Button 7
Button 8
HyperSpin (fast scroll) Hold B5 while moving Up/Down
Select Game Start Button
Navigate Back/Exit Game ESCAPE
Exit HyperSpin ESCAPE

If using Hyperlaunch, the Q and S keys are disabled unless you apply this workaround.

More help: HyperSpin Forum

You can enable Trackball/Spinner/Mouse support simply by enabling them on the trackball and spinner tabs. The threshold slider simply sets the amount you have to spin your trackball/spinner before you see actual wheel movement in the menu. Note that this only enables the mouse/trackball in Hyperspin itself, not in MAME.