The Horizontal Disabler button on the back of the X-Arcade™ disables the left and right Trackball movement when it is held.

Here are some other tests to correct  movement:

  1. If left/right movement is not working, be sure you are not holding the horizontal disabler button (the button on the back) against something while playing
  2. Try connecting to your PC with the other connection (PS/2 or USB)
  3. If possible, test movement on another computer.
  4. With the X-Arcade™ Trackball connected to your PC, go to and download all updates for your hardware. The X-Arcade™ Trackball should be using a Samsung driver.
  5. Ensure no specialty drivers are installed for another third-party mouse
  6. If connecting via a USB Hub, try connecting directly to USB port
  7. If left/right movement is still not working, open the X-Arcade™ as outlined on page 14 of the manual and remove one of the wires from the Horizontal Disabler's microswitch. If the direction works this way, the microswitch may be bad. Try swapping it with another button to verify this.
  8. PIC: If the steps above did not fix the issue or up/down is not working, check that the masking/reader wheels are firmly screwed onto the rollers, these black plastic wheels should not move independently of the metal rollers.
  9. Be sure that the 2 PCB boards are also properly seated in the slots in the housing for them.
  10. Check that all wires are firmly attached to the PCB boards.

If you need further assistance after trying these methods, please click here to contact us for further assistance.

Trackball wiring:

The Trackball assembly may look complicated because it has many wires and connectors coming out of it, but there actually only 5 types of wires with several duplicates of each. Here are the functions for each wire color respectively :

  • Black = All black wires are ground (use a ground with each wire below)
  • White =  Mouse Button 1 (mouse 0 in MAME)
  • Brown = Mouse Button 2 (mouse button 1 in MAME)
  • Orange = Mouse Button 3 (mouse button 2 in MAME)
  • Blue = Horizontal Disabler (use for perfect straight shots in Golf or Bowling)